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Mary Campbell

Superstar Consultant

(916) 670-3417

My Story

WELCOME!!! My name is Mary and I am very excited you have made it to my website! There are so many amazing things in store for you to discover, but before you do I would like to share a little bit about myself and my journey that led me to Scentsy.
I am married to a wonderful and super supportive husband named Ryan. Together we have 3 beautiful girls and our long awaited baby boy will be a year old in May.
Because of the supportive man my husband is I am able to stay home and focus on our children, our family, our 2 dogs, our home and my amazing and growing Scentsy business. I am so grateful and adore the life we have and are continuing to build together.
I started my Scentsy journey right after my first party. My friend Shannon asked me if I wanted to begin my own Scentsy business and after my first no I said yes and boy am I glad I did! I am so excited about this adventure and the extra income and family adventures it will bring us. If you are looking for the same excitement or maybe have some different goals with starting your own business PLEASE do not hesitate like I did and reach out to me.
If you are here for merely the amazing products well then by all means lets not waste anymore of your time so you can shop shop shop!!!

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